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Land to the North of Brackley Northamptonshire

Wheaton, Kate and Lawrence, Steve Land to the North of Brackley Northamptonshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)




During November and December of 2009, Oxford archaeology (South) completed an eighty trench field evaluation of land situated to the north of Brackley, Northamptonshire. This followed a geophysical survey that had suggested the presence of an Iron Age settlement within part of the site and limited potential within the remainder of the boundary. The evaluation confirmed the results of the geophysical survey with only a single possible early Prehistoric pit being identified beyond the limits of the settlement. The Iron Age settlement comprised a series of roughly circular or penannular enclosures as suggested by the geophysical survey. Each targeted enclosure was identified with multiple phases of ditch cuts and recuts recorded in most. Some smaller features were also recorded immediately beyond the larger enclosures suggesting that the settlement and related activities extend very slightly beyond the limits suggested by the geophysical survey. A range of smaller gullies, pits and postholes were also recorded suggesting that a range of features are preserved. Moderate assemblages of middle Iron Age pottery were recovered from the excavated features with only a hint of possible early Iron Age influences and no obvious late Iron Age material. A significant individual assemblage comprising a bronze finger ring and a complete upper part of a beehive quern was recovered from a pit near the core of the settlement adjacent to a well preserved limestone surface. This hints at special or ritualised deposits being present. Environmental remains were also well represented although the range of deposits sampled within the evaluation was not particularly conducive to the recovery of secure results. Overall, the preservation of the archaeological deposits was demonstrably good and the Iron Age settlement exists in its entirety within Field 3 although the relationships and possible associations with the remains known within Field 1 to the west and Field 10 to the east are not known. The range of activities undertaken may also include specialised metalworking although this has not been confirmed by this evaluation. Combined, the range of evidence suggests that this site has significant potential to address many of the key issues raised within the regional research agenda for the Iron Age in Northamptonshire. ©

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